About Paisti
The short history of the Paisti CorporationPulse Ferox - Standard Paisti Issue

Paisti was established at 2.1.2007 after the closing of Parhelion Industries by Kelron Andus, Triangulum Sombrero and Nina Marel. The idea of Paisti was to form up a corporation consisting of IRL-friends to have fun and PvP.

Shortly after grabbing up PAcifisti for ECM support, Paisti headed to low-sec systems before Providence trying to pirate and cause chaos under the law-enforcement of CVA. After stacking up numerous kills, Paisti members joined PERVS and went to 0.0 under the flag of COW. It was during the time when COW was fighting against TFC and Goons at the Great Wildlands, blobs were common encounters back then.

Few months later Paisti members found themselves in NOSCM, back at lowsec pirating business and tired to 0.0 blobfests. NOSCM was a pirate corporation based in Genesis made up from people at #eve-online IRC-channel. The times pirating with kublai, Lore Isander & co. were fun, but the amount of drama queens per capital made the corporation fade away shortly after its birth.

It was time to reform the Paisti corporation, for which Jeniana was chosen to be the new CEO for. A few old friends were invited to the corporation ranks after Paisti's wardeclaration against IPHAR, including Patso Tappaja (the ex-CEO of PERVS) and Shoto Tadeka. The war against IPHAR resulted in massive damage to IPHAR, including the theft of Lord Vaari's personal Archon-class carrier. Even Evolution diplomat Siddy participated to the holy crusade, an operation resulting in few stolen/offlined towers and tens of destroyed/stolen ships. IPHAR surrendered soon after losing nearly all of their 0.0 assets.

After the war with IPHAR, Paisti moved back to Genesis. Fortified by ex-Coreli Corporation Miyamoto sisters, Paisti removed over ten capital ships and numerous freighters from the hands of the Genesis carebears and struggling PvP wannabes in a few months. Soon after, Paisti got invited to Delve by Siddy. It was time to dive into the 0.0 blobfest again.

Paisti set up their new HQ at KFIE-Z trying to drive away local Pandemic Legion etc. roaming gangs. But unfortunately, soon after arriving and having their initial engagements with the uninvited guests, Paisti got steamrolled by gangs of 40+ several times. Despite Akane Miyamotos valiant efforts to solo these gangs, her ships couldn't withstand the onslaught of the hostile forces. After being majorly pissed at the low-quality of a few BoB-pet corps (Though they were rather adept at salvaging wrecks), Paisti moved back to Genesis.

The campaign of removing the trash from Genesis is still going strong and Paisti is back at complete 0-blue policy, which seems to suit them most.

May the Genesis be cleaned in the name of the Mighty Kissapasi.